Grizzly Burrrgers

Date: 2017

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 200 m2

Status: Built

Grizzly Burrrgers

The conceptual idea and design of Grizzly Burrrgers have been entirely created at IND architects—from the name of the place and package design all the way to the interior and architecture. Life and dynamics of a big-city pulse in this bright and vibrant space—a growling ‘R,’ a bear as the foremost inspiration behind the concept, and burgers as the basis of the menu. This café fits perfectly into the megalopolis and certainly is appropriate in the centre of business life as the café is located in the courtyard of a business center.

The concept of the project has been inspired by a grizzly bear, one of the most aggressive predators in nature. The name, triple RRR, the dynamics of the restaurant… This is the perfect place for a predator ready for a juicy burger! Of course, the restaurant menu offers fish, sweets and vegetarian dishes too. Nobody minds enjoying a more varied menu after all. Even a grizzly bear.

The combination of energetic modern architecture and bright, emotional visual identity helped create a catchy project where all details follow a common vision and create a consistent image.