Grizzly Burrrgers, 2017
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 200 sqm
Status: Built

The conceptual idea and design of Grizzly Burrrgers have been entirely created at IND Architects—from the name of the place and package design all the way to the interior and architecture. Life and dynamics of a big-city pulse in this bright and vibrant space—a growling ‘R,’ a bear as the foremost inspiration behind the concept, and burgers as the basis of the menu. This café fits perfectly into the megalopolis and certainly is appropriate in the centre of business life as the café is located in the courtyard of Vivaldi Plaza business center.

The main challenge of the project was to fit the café into the space between the parking entrance and the sustaining wall of the improvement area. The architectural facade matches the current landscape and enriches it with a bright and attractive volume. The main materials of the facade include aluminium panels (which entirely coat one of the café’s walls), a welted metal roof, and glass. Facade glazing makes the space look larger, invites visitors to drop in and allows them to nestle down—it’s very comfortable to have lunch against the wall watching the business center living its active life. By the way, the terrace of the café offers a chance to sit out on a warm sunny day—there are several tables outside ready to accommodate a small bunch of people.

The colour palette of the interior follows Vivaldi Plaza’s design solution—sober black, white and beige; a vigorous red forms visual accents; a light wood furniture brings in good feelings and vibes of home and warmth. High tables and bar stools strengthen the image of a contemporary space in a fast-paced city. The café is decorated with illustrations created by talented artists, which, of course, include growling grizzly bears.