Senior Finnish School

Senior Finnish School

The concept of the school is a town inhabited by young and vigorous residents. They have their own streets and high roads—school hallways; squares and parks—the lobby and school backyards; a stadium—the gym; and a market—the canteen, like real town dwellers do. This is the full package of functions that ensure a full cycle of a rich life.

The school’s location in Moscow region, amid the nature, has defined the layout of the school—instead of a traditional courtyard solution, the architects have decided to create backyards facing the woods. The four backyards are arranged outside the teaching blocks; each of them has a separate function—one is for classes and science experiments; the other is for action games; the third one is for school meetings and festivals; the fourth backyard is for technical purposes, it is used as a drive for school vehicles.

Build School Project 2018. Winner
Россия, Московская Область
3,300 m2

A flexible interior allows transforming the space—transformable partitions are available in the assembly hall and in some classes. The students interact actively with the space. The very surrounding encourages the development. Senior and junior groups meet in the atrium, the canteen or in the student’s hub. There is the FABLAB laboratory in the school where the students can design models and print them out with a 3D printer.и че

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Project team
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Tatiana Kriulina
  • Katerina Volobueva
  • Natalia Voroshilova
  • Polina Arendarchuk
  • Tatiana Bardem
  • Sergey Shishkin