The Farm Market, 2016
Location: Russia, Zelenograd
Area: 2600 sqm
Status: Concept

‘The Farm’ is the new mall space on the map of Zelenograd with an impressive history. In case of a reconstruction, the words ‘new’ and ‘history’ come together in one project. A modern farmers’ market in the place of a traditional Soviet-time ‘Small Wares’ supermarket revives the space and makes it more in-demand and relevant. We changed the function of the space―we offer the residents a market with a unified architectural concept now instead of a store packed with multifarious stalls. The market is comprised of zones with various product lines, from dried fruit to live fish. This is the perfect place to quickly buy any foodstuff you need or just casually walk around choosing the best of the best. You can make an appointment with your friends on one of the benches at the entrance of the building and then hang out together at one of the cafes on ‘The Farm.’

Having changed the function and interior, we modified the building’s exterior, too. The facade became more modern. The main component of the facade is a symbol that has been traditional for markets’ architecture since ancient times―an arch. The arches are arranged all round the first floor. The arches ‘welcome’ visitors and create a certain atmosphere. The arches are made of copper-cased metal fins. A combination of copper fins and stained-glass panels of the first and second floors chimes in with loft-style interiors of the building rich in wooden details. Stained-glass windows literally allow more light and room in the market premises—glazing of space under and over the canopy enabled expanding the area size of the market.

The territory around the building plays an important role in the perception of the building. We improved the outdoor area of the market: large full-circle benches were arranged at the entrance, pathways were paved with several kinds of granite. Visitors can easily get to “The Farm’ by bikes. The market offers a bike parking in addition to separate cycle lanes. Parking places for cars are provided for, too.