Ecopolis on Sakhalin

Ecopolis on Sakhalin

The main value of the contest project is the fragile ecosystem of Sakhalin Island, where the precarious balance of geological, hydrological, and meteorological processes causes both admiration and awe. Unique in its beauty and richness, its natural features and topography, and its advantageous geopolitical location make Sakhalin, and the Ecopolis in particular, a major point on the map of Russia and the world. The Masterplan takes into account the importance of preserving the scale of the place and its unique features, while weaving the territory into the global agenda and incorporating it into global processes.

1st place in the open international competition for the development of the concept of a new city in the Sakhalin region
Russia, Sakhalin

The urban structure aims to create a new type of relationship between buildings, nature, and man, in which each element qualitatively reinforces the other. The new city is dissolved in the surrounding landscape, and its neighborhoods are blended for better interaction and a constant circulation of urban communities. The presence of a deep-water port, its proximity to an international airport, and its planned connection to the mainland create an unprecedented opportunity to become a new epicenter of the international economy. The global triangulation allows Ecopolis to create a new level of mobility to match today’s dynamic pace of life.