BI Group’s Central Sales Office

BI Group’s Central Sales Office

Competitive concept of BI Group’s Central Sales Office in Nur-Sultan is inspired by the company’s core principles and positioning of the country in the international arena. The building fully reflects the company’s focus on openness and transparency, functionality and efficiency. Each of these principles is reflected not only in the visual image of the office, but also in the layout. The building becomes the visual dominant of the new district and harmoniously fits into the image of the new progressive capital, for the architecture of which the best architects of the country and the world are responsible.

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan
7,940 m2

The underground parking lot provides space for 150 cars. On the ground floor there are a lobby, a demo zone and cafes. On the second floor there are a cultural and conference center, a presentation hall, offices. On the third floor there are offices, terrace and cafes. The fourth floor is occupied by offices and VIP area. The last, fifth floor is an operated roof with a terrace and viewing platform.

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Project team
  • Vitaly Verbitsky
  • Alexandra Kolyadina
  • Lev Shchipakin
  • Ekaterina Vasilieva