BI Group’s Central Sales Office

Date: 2020

Location: Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Square: 7,940 m2

Status: Concept

BI Group’s Central Sales Office

Competitive concept of BI Group’s Central Sales Office in Nur-Sultan is inspired by the company’s core principles and positioning of the country in the international arena. The building fully reflects the company’s focus on openness and transparency, functionality and efficiency. Each of these principles is reflected not only in the visual image of the office, but also in the layout. The building becomes the visual dominant of the new district and harmoniously fits into the image of the new progressive capital, for the architecture of which the best architects of the country and the world are responsible.

Five-floor light and soaring volume stands out vividly against the background of the surrounding buildings – the facade is made on double skin technology – the first layer is of double-glazing, the second is a glass of a special semicircular shape, which creates a silhouette of a wave. Thus, the translucent skin of frosted glass allows effective use of natural light and demonstrates the openness of BI Group. In the dark, the building glows brightly, from the street you can see the silhouettes inside, the interior. Thus, the dialogue is carried out not only at the level of employees and customers, but also at the level of the company and the city, internal and external spaces. The ground floors are lined with transparent glass – the building invites visitors inside, where they are greeted by media panels with dynamic videos and mock-ups of the company’s projects – the first two floors are given for exhibition spaces, they can be designated as a museum and showcase of opportunities of the company and its customers. Everything is created for productive communication here – a lot of air due to the translucent facade and double-height spaces, special attention is given to the greening of the office, which makes you feel relaxed and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The company makes a significant contribution to the development of the culture of the district, so the conference room, located in the basement and on the floor above, allows to hold a variety of events, including those not related to the corporation, but important for the residents of the district and the city.

The internal spatial structure is open, semi-open and closed functional spaces, overlapped on each other, flowing atriums with active greening inside. Greening both inside the building and on the terraces makes the space alive, emphasizes the contrast of nature and technology. The concept is based on the principles of sustainability – so, rainwater is collected, cleaned and irrigates plants in the office, solar panels meet some needs of the building, smart glass technology and facade panels allow to maximize the use of natural light.

The underground parking lot provides space for 150 cars. On the ground floor there are a lobby, a demo zone and cafes. On the second floor there are a cultural and conference center, a presentation hall, offices. On the third floor there are offices, terrace and cafes. The fourth floor is occupied by offices and VIP area. The last, fifth floor is an operated roof with a terrace and viewing platform.