Residential House In The Heart of Moscow, 2014
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 5448 sqm
Status: Concept

The concept of a residential house in the heart of Moscow created by architects of IND Architects was realized in a measured style that allows the house to smoothly blend into the existing cityscape. Natural materials and a light color scale are supplemented by fine accents that accentuate a high-profile location of the complex.

The foreside is faced with hand-formed brick. First two floors are coated with profiled brickwork that sets the texture and depth of the building. The same method was repeated on the corners and partially in the central part of the building. Stained glass windows of apartments together with a warm beige shade of bricks create a light and elegant image of the house.

The entry elements are coated with perforated metal panels. A pattern is visible on metal panels during daylight hours— unusual images of several shades of grey. The similar pattern is repeated on the inner part of the building’s canopy too. Indoor backlighting turns on in the evening, inviting residents under the cozy roof of the house.

A noble image and good location allow the house to bring together interesting, vivid and many-sided residents under its roof, like a good club does.