CUP’N’CUP Cafe Branding & Design

Date: 2016

Location: Russia, Moscow

Status: Built

CUP’N’CUP Cafe Branding & Design

In the daily bustle, modern people can’t often find 20 minutes to have a good cup of coffee. So we came up with CUP’N’CUP café. It will perfectly fit into the life of a megapolis and its inhabitants CUP’N’CUP is a pop-up coffee shop that effectively uses every inch of the floor space.

Literally, the name of the coffee shop means “a cup after a cup.” The same idea is captured in the logo that looks like a minimalistic picture of two cups.

We have also designed the package for the meals. It’s got a recipe of a dish that a visitor has bought written on it. Simple ingredients create healthy and tasty take-away food.