Cosmos Hotel

Cosmos Hotel

The concept of the Cosmos Hotel is a strict and recognizable image that stands out against the background of the rich surrounding buildings. The 21-storey hotel is based on an array of two-storey stylobate, surrounded by a number of columns. Panoramic glazing, as the main forming element of the stylobate facades, provides a visual connection between the interior decoration and the street. The silhouette of the hotel is crowned with the bright glass volume of the restaurant. The prevailing minimalism of the image is a contrast to the detailing of the facade solutions.

Russia, Moscow
15,000 m2

The halls of the room fund are decorated with olive shade and textured carpet with floral patterns. The rooms are bright, wood is actively used in the interior, and a delicate olive shade is used in the fabrics. Decorative elements reflect nature in its various manifestations – these are dried flowers and dry branches, and logs of a tree, and natural greenery.

Public spaces, such as conference rooms and the restaurant, contain one expressive ceiling technique – the massive monnier vaults or caissons. Rack panels, large-format terrazzo, carpet with loop pile serve as delicate framing for such techniques.

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Project team
  • Ruben Gzogyan
  • Maxim Chirkin
  • Andrey Trebunskikh
  • ВVitaly Verbitsky
  • Igor Lebed
  • Yulia Khapkina
  • Natalia Buravkova
  • Ekaterina Vasilieva
  • Dmitry Khomyakov
  • Nikolai Bilson