Improvement of MainSTREET Residential Complex

Date: 2020

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 5,700 m2

Status: Concept

Improvement of MainSTREET Residential Complex

The landscaping of the residential complex territory is its fifth facade, which is as important for the perception of the complex as its architectural facades. Our task is to create a harmonious space in which the pacifying natural component of the landscape is combined with the functional elements that increase the comfort of the complex’s residents.

The concept is inspired by Moscow and reflects the metropolis in miniature, we were inspired by the metro map, the relentless movement and dynamics of the city, its lights and, of course, the location of the residential complex.

The territory offers the residents a real garden in the city center, invisible from the outside, inside it opens up with a variety of landscapes green areas are grouped by height, that creates the effect of compaction to the pavilions, the lawns are planted with different shrubs and flowers, in some areas, for example, in the lounge, plants grow from large pots, creating coziness and forming a special atmosphere.

The islands of the Moorish lawn form a unique environment, meadow grasses and flowers create a warm and free mood, remind of the countryside, the particle of which was transferred to a million city. The relief of the different-level plants gives a richness of images, which visually increases the area of ​​the yard, allowing the gaze to be fixed at various levels of the landscape — rising from the carpet of various low grasses through medium-high flowers to tall grasses and various shrubs. The plants that form the landscaping of the courtyard affect all the senses of the inhabitants. Vision — the relief of the plants variety will bestow a wealth of visual images year round. Smell — blooming jasmine, wildflowers and the scent of a juniper after the rain create a whole canvas of smells. Taste — even in a metropolis, the residents of the complex will be able to enjoy tea with freshly picked mint and black currant leaves. Touch — it is pleasant to run your hand over the wheat heads, to touch the velvet of the leaves and the rough needles of the juniper.

Forming the project, we created the image of own green living room for the residents of the complex — solemn and cozy at the same time, it offers the opportunities for various types of leisure and even meeting the guests. The yard offers a walking area among the functional areas and along the entire yard. The sports ground with several outdoor fitness equipment covers a variety of options for physical activity, the rotunda dominates on the playground — a real roulette of games for different tastes and ages — 3-6 and 7-14 years old. There is also a reading room — a secluded gazebo where at any time of the year you can work, relax or have a party with your neighbors. The lounge area offers comfortable outdoor furniture for surfing the Internet, reading or relaxing — a complete alternative for a walking to the park.

In the dark, the space of the courtyard is illuminated by the linear lamps, cozy and at the same time quite bright lighting frames the paths to the pavilions. Above, the lines of the lamps create a unique pattern that resembles a subway map. So, this is another metaphor for connecting a large-scale metropolis with a cozy, almost intimate atmosphere, which is so important for people and their sense of belonging to the place.