Alfa Research Center

Alfa Research Center

The new project of Alfa Research Center is a space for testing and studying user experience for marketing, IT, UX-researchers. This is the third project of the bureau for Alfa-Bank: we have already created a similar space, but on a different scale – in 2013 the IT specialists’ office included an area recreating the atmosphere of the home. Alfa Research Center is a project of a new level, an island of the future, which gathered the best technologies to improve products.

Russia, Moscow
615 m2

The laboratory follows the theme of Alfa-Bank’s phygital offices – conceptual high-tech spaces for communication with the client. Reflecting the spirit of the future not only the latest technology, but also the materials used – luminous walls, liquid metal and glass panels with a perforated pattern create a futuristic atmosphere, which is complemented by circadian lighting, imitating natural daylight.

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Project team
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Julia Hapkina
  • Natalia Buravkova
  • Ruben Gzogyan
  • Marina Pinchuk
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva
  • Ekaterina Rebrova
  • Ignat Prokhorov
  • Marina Shirokova
  • Pavel Spirin
  • Gleb Sobol